About Us

Straight jacket has been a 2 ½ year project. After purchasing a smart phone, there also came the problems of managing it.  The phone in the pocket seemed a bit awkward. The pricey option of buying a clipped holder & a specific case to fit a specific phone wasn’t favorable. Often these holders have a less than perfect clip having weak clamping force, which also breaks on a somewhat regular basis.

Straight Jacket has solved these problems. Straight Jacket provides a design that fits all modern day smart phones, no more specific size cases to holders. Also Straight Jacket fits phones with existing protective cases.

Straight Jacket provides an industrial clip design; it’s not a clip that is added to a holder body. The Straight Jacket clip is part of the body. All one piece engineered to add superior strength. Also this clip design has an inside gripping pad that increases the clamping force. This gripping pad prevents the holster from becoming unattached while pulling your phone out of your holster.

Straight Jacket is tried and true. This phone holster has been rigorously tested. We have solved one problem at a time to achieve the approval by those who wear the Straight Jacket.