"I had my doubts about the straight jacket phone holster, but I tell you what, looks are deceiving. This product has done it's job with great satisfaction for this customer! It worked with my current phone case and with a little adjustment it was good to go! I'm running around with my head cut off and it has never even attempted to jump ship! "

"We all have phones these days that we rely on with our life. It's an awesome feeling to know there is a product assuring safety and comfort for your lively hood! The straight jacket is a must for anyone who needs peace of mind!! Game changer!!"
"I’ve been wearing the straight jacket for two weeks. The adjustability is cool, but I think the strong & tight clip is my favorite feature, when you put it on you don’t have keep checking to see if it’s still there. I would recommend this holder to anybody"
"Love this product!"
"Best phone holster I ever owned, built tough, I have abused it and still no problems. Recommend it to all my freinds"
"As an ironworker, daily hanging steel, I have no worries having my phone. Some days I forget I have it on me like it's built in to my harness!!! Never thought I would be interested in something as simple as the straight jacket!! It definitely lives up to its name!!"