Straight Jacket Universal Smartphone Holster

New Straight Jacket Universal Smartphone Holster

The NEW Straight Jacket Holster provides an adjustable custom fit for all smartphones, at an affordable price.

UNIQUE FEATURES INCLUDE; adjustable horizontal & vertical straps, industrial clip with a gripping pad that increases clamping force, perfect for belts, waistbands, pockets, purses, etc. 

Also fits phones with protective cases.

Straight jacket has been a serious 2 ½ year work in progress. After purchasing a smartphone, there also comes the problem of managing it.  The phone in the pocket can restrict comfort and if sat on or a unexpected fall from the pocket may cause expensive damage. The pricey option ($50.00-$70.00) of buying a holder for a specific phone may not be possible or favorable. Often these holders have a less than perfect clip having a minimal to average clamping force. Also, a clip added to a holder body is very vulnerable to breakage.

Straight Jacket has solved one problem at a time. Straight Jacket offers a safe and comfortable holster with a user-friendly design that fits all modern day smartphones, no more specific size holders. Straight Jacket fits existing protective cases with parallel sides. Also, the Straight Jacket holster can be readjusted to fit a new or different phone or protective case.

Straight Jacket holster provides an industrial clip design; it’s not a clip that is added to a holder body. The Straight Jacket clip is part of the body. All one piece engineering to add superior strength. Also, this clip design has an inside gripping pad that greatly increases the clamping force. The gripping pad is aggressive and prevents the holster from becoming unattached while removing your phone from your holster.

Straight Jacket is tried and true. This phone holster has been rigorously tested. The STRAIGHT JACKET is comfortable and stays put. We haven't found a smartphone yet, that this holster will not adjust to. A huge problem solved.

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